Private Sale List

Please call the Tax Claim Bureau to inquire about purchasing a property on this list.

Sale Number
Control Number
Owner Name
Tax Map
2016-0832039479MILFORD DOROTHIA A22-0-0311-0011
2017-0825038260FRANGOS EVANGELOS 22-0-0016-0006
2019-0022114420NEWTON GRETTA 03-0-0001-0066. -L0002
2019-0053002394SHAFFER HAROLD J & EDITH05-0-0001-0401
2019-0054002471STEVENS VERONICA T05-0-0003-0001. -L0004
2019-0071003190HUMPHREY ANN C 06-1-0001-0068.0003
2019-0098059166FELLER JAMES V & MARY ANN07-0-0008-0014
2019-0144008165MULSKI FRANCIS P & MARTHA08-0-0001-0024
2019-0145008169BEEBEE PETER C 08-0-0001-0029
2019-0147103574REDMOND THOMAS08-0-0001-0041