Private Sale List

Please call the Tax Claim Bureau to inquire about purchasing a property on this list.

Sale Number
Control Number
Owner Name
Tax Map
2023-0045053973RACHT PETER05-0-0283-0036.0001-L0001
2023-0092007545AVANT GRADY M07-0-0226-0019
2023-0106008178HINTON JAMES G & BARBARA G08-0-0001-0039
2023-0119008805NEGRON MABEL08-0-0008-0120
2023-0121008853SCANCELLA MARIA NELLY08-0-0008-0170
2023-0130009141NEARE JOAN M08-0-0012-0040
2023-0131009323HEIL TERESA C08-0-0013-0154
2023-0132009340RINALDI DENNIS IN TRUST FOR08-0-0014-0033
2023-0135009417RINALDI DENNIS IN TRUST FOR08-0-0015-0042
2023-0136009419RINALDI DENNIS IN TRUST FOR08-0-0015-0044