Private Sale List

Please call the Tax Claim Bureau to inquire about purchasing a property on this list.

Sale Number
Control Number
Owner Name
Tax Map
2022-0261043032ROOM AND LOFTS LLC12-0-0027-0010
2022-0264043251MC DONOUGH JOHN R12-0-0032-0024
2022-0266043370HESTER ROBERT C & JESSICA P12-0-0033-0091
2022-0370056818PHIPPS PATRICIA 14-0-0026-0064
2022-0376056865PHIPPS CECIL P & A PATRICIA14-0-0026-0116
2022-0377056866PHIPPS CECIL P & A PATRICIA14-0-0026-0117
2022-0389017856MILLER LINDA 14-0-0028-0110
2022-0394018006FRANCOIS VINCENT D & ANGELICA14-0-0030-0158
2022-0395051613VOADV PROPERTY INC14-0-0030-0196
2022-0396018127BELUSCHAK JOSEPH L & BERNICE14-0-0031-0178