Repository Sale List

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Tax Map
Sale Number
Control Number
Owner Name
Sale Price
01-0-0040-00282016-0016000083WILLIAMS STEPHEN R$499.00
03-0-0001-0066. -L00022019-0022114420BRYAN MAGGIE$366.60
05-0-0001-00582012-0050002203BRONZELLINO JAMES R & ERNA E$635.92
05-0-0001-01322012-0054002260NELL PAUL J & KAREN E$534.52
05-0-0001-01832012-0055002279NELL PAUL J & KAREN E$534.52
05-0-0001-01842012-0056002280NELL PAUL J & KAREN E$534.52
05-0-0001-01872012-0057002281NELL PAUL J & KAREN E$534.52
05-0-0001-01882012-0058002282NELL PAUL J & KAREN E$534.52
05-0-0001-01922015-0051002284BARAKO RICHARD & JUDY$497.22
05-0-0001-02832014-0071002334CRUM DAWN $549.00